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Improve Your Vision And Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy With This Miracle

Hair loss is one of the most common conditions that affect both women and men. In addition, hair loss and thinning hair may be triggered by many causes such as underlying health conditions, genetics, vitamin deficiency etc.

What is more, many people have problems with their sight. This issue can be caused by many factors such as genetics, poor nutrition diet, watching TV without blinking, working on PC, uneven lifestyle, etc.

Surprisingly, Mother Nature gave us numerous natural ingredients that can treat these issues. Today we will present you an amazing natural remedy that will make your hair look beautiful and healthy and greatly improve your eyesight!

You will notice great improvements in both conditions in just a few days after using the treatment.


  • A kg of raw organic honey
  • 200 g of linseed oil
  • 4 lemons
  • 3 small garlic cloves


Peel, place the garlic in a blender and then add the lemons. Mix well for a few sec and then add the other ingredients. Mix once again until you get homogenous mixture, pour the texture in a jar and store it in the fridge.


Consume this miracle 3 times per day, 1 tbsp 30 min before a meal. It would be perfect to consume it with wooden spoon.

Do not hesitate, give it a try and make your hair healthy and improve your eyesight at the same time!

Dye Your Hair Naturally: These Recipes Will Make Your Hair Perfect!

According to studies, 65% of women dye their hair with artificial hair dyes that contain harmful chemicals. These dyes are considered highly carcinogenic by the National Cancer Institute – a single brand was found to contain 5000 dangerous chemicals! Instead of these harmful products, you should use the following natural dyes instead:

Coffee can make your hair chocolate brown without any side-effects. Brew a cup of espresso first, then leave it to cool down. Now mix 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, 2 cups of a natural hair conditioner and the cup of cold espresso, and apply the mixture on your hair, leaving it to work for an hour. The last step is to rinse your hair with water and apple cider vinegar in order to fix the color. Pouring coffee over washed hair will provide the same effect, but it will take more tries.

Tea works best with your natural hair color. Black tea can cover grey hair, while chamomile tea works best with red and blonde hair. Use 3-5 teabags per 2 cups of water, and mix the tea with a conditioner before application. To cover grey hair, add some dry sage to open up the follicles.Leave the tea to work for an hour before washing your hair as usual.

Several natural herbs can color your hair, but they will work best with your natural hair color. For example, calendula, marigold, hibiscus and rosehip will work best with naturally red hair color. After boiling the herbs for an hour, pour the mixture onto your hair and leave it to dry in the sun.

Rosemary, nettle and sage can give your hair a darker shade. Boil your preferred herbs in a pot of water, then apply it on your hair and leave the tea to dry in the sun.

Calendula, marigold, saffron and chamomile work best on blondes. Add some rhubarb to cover grey hair, and some black tea to get dark highlights.

Beet and carrot juice
A mixture of beet and carrot juice will give you nice natural highlights and improve your current hair color. They can be used on their own or as a mixture – whatever you pick, apply the juice on your hair, then wrap it and leave the dye to work for 1 hour. Rinse with water and ACV in the end and repeat the process if you want a darker shade.

Henna is used as a hair dye as well as for temporary tattoos. The dye comes from a pigment in henna leaves that can darken the color of your hair. Henna usually gives orange and red highlights, but adding some chamomile tea in the mix can lighten the color. Mix a cup of henna powder with 2 cups of lemon juice, then apply the mixture on your hair and leave it to work for 4-6 hours. Afterwards, comb your hair nicely, wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it to work for another 2-3 hours before washing your hair as usual.

Lemon juice
Spray some lemon juice on your hair, then leave it to dry in sunlight for a couple of hours to lighten the color of your hair.

Walnut shells
Walnut shells can give you a nice dark brown color, but make sure they don’t get in touch with your skin as they can stain it. Boil crushed walnut shells in water for half an hour, then let the mixture cool down before applying it on your hair. Leave the mixture to work for an hour, then wash your hair with lukewarm water. For a darker shade, boil the mixture until a ¼ remains and use it on your hair.

Try these natural hair dyes yourself and you will be surprised with their efficiency!

The World’s No 1 Food Against Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke And Cholesterol

If you have been wondering what is the most beneficial food in the world, you shouldn’t seek answers no more – it’s dates. Yes, the delicious fruit is indeed the most beneficial and healthy food you can eat thanks to the presence of numerous essential nutrients.

Dates are recommended against heart problems, stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and they will also boost your metabolism and digestion, which will result in weight loss. Here are some of the main health benefits of dates:

Regulate cholesterol

Dates can reduce the levels of the bad (LDL) cholesterol in your blood and keep your blood vessels clean, effectively preventing blood clots and cardiovascular problems.

Keep your weight in check

Eating dates every morning on an empty stomach can help you burn the excess fat on your body. They have no cholesterol, but they are rich in sugar, so make sure to eat them in limited amounts.

Prevent diarrhea

Dates are rich in potassium, a mineral that can regulate the intestinal flora and prevent diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Prevent constipation

Besides diarrhea, dates can also prevent constipation. Just soak a handful of them in water overnight, then eat the fruit in the morning to boost your digestion and relieve the problem.

Strengthen your heart

Soak some dates in water overnight, then strain them in the morning and pit the seeds and eat them. This will strengthen your heart health and prevent any problems.

Prevent strokes

Dates contain a lot of potassium, an important mineral that can boost the health of your nervous system and prevent strokes. Consuming 400 mg. of potassium a day is enough to protect your heart from damage, so make sure to eat dates every day.

Rich in iron

Dates are rich in iron among other minerals, which is great for children, pregnant women and anemia sufferers. 100 gr. of dates contain 0.9 mg. of iron, which is about 11% of the daily recommended allowance of the mineral. Besides treating anemia, iron plays a role in the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which makes it very important for your overall health.

As you can see, dates are very healthy for you, which is why they should become a part of your daily diet. Eating them constantly will protect your heart from damage and boost your digestion, which will effectively result in better health.

In Just 7 Days Completely Renew Bones, Tendons, Joints And Total Pain Relief!

Health experts point out that a major impact on the incidence of back pain, legs and joints have improper posture.

In this article we will give you a recipe that will help to alleviate the pain and strengthen your bones. If you suffer from joint pain in his back, wrists, legs and neck, then this recipe is ideal for you.

Buy 150 grams of edible gelatin, can ge found in any store. In the evening, combine two full tablespoons gelatin (5 g), with a quarter cup of cold water and leave it overnight without refrigeration. Gelatin will turn to jelly.

In the morning, drink a mixture by the mix up with something that suits you best (eg, juice, milk, yogurt, tea).

Gelatine helps with joint pain in my back, wrists, legs and neck, and after 7 days of treatment, the condition will improve significantly.
The treatment should last for a month, and after half a year to repeat again. This will restore natural “lubrication” of the joints.

Why is gelatin so good for the joints?

Gelatin is a high quality drug and provides a wide range of health benefits:

  • – Strengthens joints and heart
  • – Boosts Metabolism
  • – Improves mental ability
  • – Provides elasticity, strengthens tendons and ligaments
  • – Prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
  • – Improves skin and hair structure
  • – Strong performance in the treatment of dysplasia

This treatment will eliminate the pain and stiffness within 7 days.
In a month you will feel much better, and the pain will disappear completely.

Boiled This Leaves Can Help You Battle Diabetes Naturally!

Boiled Mango Leaves Can Help You Battle Diabetes Naturally! Must Learn!
Diabetes is a common condition that affects many people all around the world.It happens when your pancreas stop producing insulin or when your body is not able to properly use the insulin which is present in the body. It is as common as it is deadly.

What are the symptoms of Diabetes?

  • -Urinating more often than usual, especially at night
  • -Feeling very thirsty
  • -Unexplained loss of weight
  • -Itching around the penis or vagina
  • -Cuts or wounds that heal very slowly
  • -Blurred vision
  • -Feeling very tired

When ignored or left untreated, Diabetes can lead to a series of other serious illnesses such as blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure, heart disease, erectile dysfunction (in men). With processed food and fast food readily available, the number of diabetic people increase by the day. So, what can we do to cure diabetes if we don’t have money for medication? Simple: a few mango leaves, and a pot of water.

Here’s how:
First take 10 to 15 tender mango leaves, then boil them in a glass of water and leave them to say overnight. In the morning filter the water and drink it on an empty stomach. For best results you should use this method for two or three months.

You can also dry the leaves in a dark place and ground them. Use half a teaspoon of this powdered mango leaves two times a day.

Mango leaves tea can is beneficial to our overall health. They can treat many health conditions such as: fever, diarrhea, insomnia, varicose veins, asthma, bronchitis and colds. Also these leaves can lower your blood pressure and strengthen your blood vessels.

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Skin cancer is a condition where cancer cells arise from a person’s skin. This condition is due to the development of abnormal skin cells that have the capability of spreading or invading other parts of the body. It has three types, which are basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer and melanoma.

Basal skin cancer is the most common type of skin cancer that rarely kills. However, it needs immediate attention, as it will cause skin thickening and scar tissues if it gets worse. Squamous skin cancer causes the enlargement and develops into ulcers if left untreated. Melanoma is the least common type of skin cancer but it is the most fatal.


It is important to know the signs and symptoms of skin cancer in order to receive the proper treatment right away. Smooth, raised and pearly bumps are the primary symptoms of basal cell carcinoma. Scaling, red and thick skin patches are the symptoms of squamous cell carcinoma. Finally, melanomas are often in the form of brown or black skin patches.


Skin cancers may look like

  • A spot or sore that does not heal within 4 weeks.
  • A spot or sore that itches, hurts, is scabbed or crusty, or bleeds for more than 4 weeks.
  • Areas where the skin has broken down (an ulcer) and doesn’t heal within 4 weeks, and you can’t think of a reason for this change.


Skin cancer may be a serious medical condition but it is very easy to avoid and prevent. These are some of the ways you can prevent skin cancer:

Avoid smoking. Based on studies, smoking increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, you should quit smoking or avoid people who are smoking.

Apply sunblock. A broad-spectrum sunscreen, UVA or UVB with SPF 15 or higher is the best type of sunblock that helps prevent skin cancer. Apply it is daily in order to protect your skin from the sun.

Avoid tanning beds. Tanning beds are the primary causes of skin cancer, as they directly damage your skin. Addiction to tanning beds will increase the risk of developing skin cancer. As an alternative, go to a spray-tanning salon instead.

Avoid the sun. The sun’s rays are especially harmful from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. Avoid going out or seek the shade during these times.

With these helpful tips, you can avoid developing skin cancer.


Research over the previous decade has absolutely demonstrated that what you eat has a significant impact on your general wellbeing. The basic truth is that anti-cancer eating regimen does not look that dissimilar from the healthy nourishments you ought to be eating in any case. That implies a lot of fruits and vegetables, and in addition lean meat or fish.

To make a list of malignancy fighting nourishments would oblige a list of most organic products, vegetables, protein and herbs. A few foods will fight irritation which stimulates cancer development. Different nourishments power malignancy cell demise, while other foods help the body to substitute poisons and secure against free radical harm. Healthy natural foods will attack any ailment in some extent.


1) Beans
Beans offer various phytochemicals alongside fiber. Phytochemicals, for example, saponins can hinder cancer cell reproduction, protease inhibitors decelerate the division of malignancy cells, and phytic acid which likewise decelerates the movement of tumors. These are all ingredients of beans. Beans contain Folate a B vitamin that decreases the danger of pancreatic cancer.

2) Black seed/oil
It is otherwise called black cumin, black cumin seed, or black seed. This seed can balance out and reinforce the immune system. Dr. Hwyda Arafar M.D., PhD utilized black cumin as a part of the treatment of patients with pancreatic disease and it resulted with amazing aftereffects of 80% cell demise.

3) Carrots
Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, a cancer prevention agent that researchers trust preserves cell membranes from poison harm and decelerate the development of tumor cells. Just because they supply cancer prevention agents they can fight HPV. Carrots might likewise turn out to be valuable in the treatment of leukemia.

4) Cruciferous vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables, for example, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards and cauliflower contain sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinols (I3Cs). These are two powerful malignancy fighters. They help to detoxify the body and help precancerous cells from forming into threatening tumors. In studies led by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer, broccoli and different cruciferous vegetables were most defensive against mouth, throat and stomach tumors. You might likewise consider consuming broccoli sprouts, for a much more prominent nutritional help.

5) Garlic
The same sulfur ingredients that give garlic its strong scent can prevent cancer creating substances from establishing in your body, increase DNA repair and destroys tumor cells. Bear in mind to add different foods from the alliaceous gathering; onions, leeks, shallots and chives. The sulfur in this collection of foods eases the death of prostate, colon, breast and lung malignancy cells.

6) Ginger
Ginger has intense calming properties and can slow disease development. The spicy root is likewise useful for diminishing nausea, headaches, sore muscles and joint pain. As per a study done at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, the anti-inflammatory force of ginger destroys ovarian tumor cells in a test tube quicker than chemo.

7) Grapes and resveratrol
Examination demonstrates that resveratrol offers various medical advantages including, diminishing aggravation, and averting oxidation of LDL cholesterol. It additionally serves to restrict the spread of cancer cells and triggers tumor cell demise. In the event that you are hoping to expand your resveratrol admission consider eating grapes, blueberries, cranberries and pomegranate each of which offer an extensive variety of antioxidants.

8) Green tea
Green tea is rich in polyphenols and catechins, specifically EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). EGCG is resilient on cancer cells. This strong cell reinforcement aides detoxify the liver and retards disease development. Lab studies have found that catechins in tea can diminish tumors and decrease tumor cell development.

9) Pomegranate
This organic product offers calming and cancer prevention agent advantages. Studies demonstrate this natural product can fundamentally restrain the development of prostate cancer cells. In the case of purchasing juice, make certain to peruse marks as bottled juice for the most part contains high measures of sugar.

10)Sea vegetables
Kelp, Kombu, Hijiki, Nori and Arame are strong mineral and vitamin rich foods that can undoubtedly be added to soups, plates of mixed greens, rice or noodle dishes. Sea vegetables offer a large group of nutritious and curing advantages. Kelp helps evacuate radioactive particles and heavy metals from the body. Kombu helps lower blood pressure and is plentiful in iodine, carotenes, vitamins B, C, D and E It is additionally high protein kelp that likewise contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica, iron, and zinc. Hijiki supports common killer T-cells for illness protection. Nori is rich in every one of the carotenes, calcium, iron, iodine and phosphorous. Arame is one of the wealthiest wellsprings of iodine. Herbalists use Arame to help decrease breast and uterine fibroids. Dried kelp can likewise be powdered to use in detox showers.

This green sustenance contains lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids evacuate unsteady particles and free radicals from your body. They are additionally found in other dark green leafy vegetables. A NIH/AARP research of more than 490,000 individuals found that people who ate more spinach were less probable to create esophageal tumor. A few studies propose the carotenoids in spinach and different foods decrease the danger of ovarian, endometrial, lung, and colorectal cancer.

This berry is rich in cancer prevention agents, for example, vitamin C and ellagic acid. Ellagic acid has anti-cancer properties that supercharge compounds to decelerate the development of tumors. All berries contain strong cancer prevention agents, which imply they normally stop the procedure in the body that makes free radicals that harm your cells. Extra berries rich in flavonoids, for example, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and cranberries are likewise effective antioxidants and considered preservative nourishment. Fruits and berries can possibly decline dangers of lung, mouth, stomach and esophagus malignancy.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. Various studies recommend that an eating regimen rich in lycopene is connected to a lower danger of prostate tumor. In lab tests lycopene has halted different sorts of tumor cells from developing including breast, lung and endometrial. Different foods that contain lycopene are watermelon, pink grapefruit and red chime peppers. While standard utilization of tomatoes and peppers are connected with lower dangers of a few tumors, particularly prostate cancer, it has a drawback, which is solanine. In the event that you have any inflammation in your body, eating nourishments with solanine is exceptionally liable to aggravate the situation.

Curcumin is a standout amongst the most effective cancer prevention agents found in turmeric and has various medical advantages. It is known for its capacity to destroy various tumor lines.

15)Vitamin D
In spite of the fact that this is not nourishment, there are an excess of studies that demonstrate this vitamin is instrumental in decreasing the danger of breast and colon cancer, and in addition enhancing the survival rate of lung cancer.